Snatches! I've been working on the 24kg snatch test (currently around 90) and doing VWC with 16kg, but I decided to try going heavy with snatches once per week to boost my strength up some, as the 24kg usually feels pretty heavy, even if I can persevere and keep throwing it up. I did 5 snatches with a 32kg bell, with a 1-3 minute rest inbetween, alternating hands for a total of 10 sets (5 sets of 5 per side). It really gave my grip a run for it's money, and the next few days illustrated just how much that worked my hamstrings. I have relatively weak hamstrings that I tend to favor to my disadvantage, so this is a definite plus - no hammie can escape heavy snatches!


As a side note, I wouldn't recommend 32kg snatches to anyone that hasn't done a considerable amount of snatching with at least 24kg and hasn't at least worked their TGU up to 32kg to be comfortable and safe with that weight overhead.