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    Default Convict Conditioning - Question for Mr. Wade

    Kudos to Dragon Door...I received the book in days after ordering it. Great job.

    I have a question for Mr. Wade: you recommend using a 2 seconds down/1 second pause/2 seconds up count for pushups. Would this apply to all exercises that you recommend?


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    Unless Wade is using a pseudonym, I doubt you'll be hearing from him on the forum. To address your question though...I think the answer is yes, do that on all the exercises. That's the impression I got upon reading the book. Not sure though.

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    Coach Wade is pretty specific in the pushup section, but in the next section on squats you find:

    "As with all the Big Six movements, I advocate a one second pause at the bottom...."

    He talks in a few places about controlled motion- especially mentioning controlling the negative motions.

    My personal feeling is that some exercises lend themselves ot an extreme slow pace in the motion, some don't. No way am I going to take a two second count to get into a headstand- obviously. My bridging is certainly faster than that- I actually am taking a bit more time at the top for the clench, but not a full two seconds going up and coming down in the short bridges.

    There's a martial arts saying that roughly translates to "speed is disharmony"- my goal is to go at a smoothly controlled pace, and that just varies with the different amounts of movement in different exercises.

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