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    Quote Originally Posted by Oldboy View Post
    I've even heard the idea of regulating PED usage, instead of outright banning them. The thing is, is that there is no clear correct answer on to drugs and sports. Ideally athletes wouldn't use them, but that's not going to happen. So how do you draw the line on what is and isn't acceptable? I wish I knew.
    In Olympic sports, it's a pretty clear line. There is a list of banned substances and it's against the rules to take them. If you get caught taking them then there are consequences.

    Where it gets complicated is in the testing and enforcement of the rules from country to country especially in off years. Some sports like weightlifting and cycling have been on the verge of losing Olympic status for years because the sports can't clean up their acts. Not so obvious usage can be found in winter sports like Olympic Biathlon...drug use to keep the pulse down for accurate shooting.

    Track and field ought to be on that list too but it's too big. An elite sprinter acquaintance of mine quit a few years back because, he told me, the juicing was so rampant he couldn't stay clean and be competitive.
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    Default Banned forever

    For starters you must have O tolerance: life-time ban.

    This is for all pro sports. How can you take the subject seriously without it?

    Maybe there will be more Bulgarian defectives lifting for other countries now. I wonder whose training regimes they would be training under though.

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    Not quite what I had in mind when I said step back and watch the show, but it makes the point - it becomes a freak show.

    If the various committees and federations aren't able to afford to test enough to keep the PEDs out of their sport or unwilling to give lifetime bans to all who get caught, then there are only three logical steps to take that I can think of:

    1) disband the sport

    2) allow the PEDs.

    3) take the money out of it.

    And, until professional athletics clean up their acts, the incentive will always be there. When faced with the possible millions of dollars available in contracts and bonuses, who wouldn't pump all the PEDs they could get away with into their system to get a piece of the pie?

    Even pro golf is is speculated as getting in on the act. What's next, bowling?

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