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    wv2de is offline Senior Member
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    Default The Adonis Effect (vs. The Adonis Complex?)

    I'd like to open up a can of worms here. I'm neither for nor against this system, but I probably won't be trying it out. For those who don’t know what it is, it’s based on an assumption of a ‘golden ratio’ of shoulder size to waist size, and uses a height/weight ratio for individual program selection. The golden ratio (1.6something) is claimed to be the most likely to inspire subconscious lust in women and respect from men. It gets a little more complicated - considering 2d and 3d, but that's the basic premise.

    One point I took away is that they talk about building up the shoulder girdle and losing fat - getting a more timeless physique that has been portrayed in history through sculpture and painting... Pavel already said that though, and hardstyle techniques/kettlebell workouts obviously produce similar results. I’ve personally noticed some significant growth in my shoulders since I started training with kettlebells and hardstyle technique (also forearms…).

    Another thing I found amusing while searching to see if this topic had already been worn out here was a thread on the book, 'The Adonis Complex'. It seems that these poor guys are perfect candidates for the advertising methods used for the Adonis Effect'.

    I'm not really trying to down The Adonis Effect - it seems like an ok system from what I saw, and advertising/marketing is a tough game. I'm not that big of a social bug and don't worry too much about appearance - and also I never had trouble finding female company - so I'm happy with my current RKC centric workouts for now. Any comments?

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    greg57 is offline Senior Member
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    Looks interesting, but I did not give my email address. My goal is to get my waist to 1/2 my height so I understand the ratios, but I don't think knowing the supposed perfect ratios would affect my training.

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    Damion is offline Senior Member
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    In a market flooded with all kinds of fitness programs this guy found a unique angle to market his bodybuilding product. It's really just a how to for the the classic "V" shaped torso. There is some truth that this shape is naturally more pleasing to the eye than other shapes. In addition society is conditioned from an early age that the "V" shape is heroic (for lack of a better term)...cartoons, comic books, action movie stars.

    Party members already have their own equation for the Golden Ratio: swings and presses

    I wish I could come up with an idea like that. $77 a pop. Think of the thousands and thousands of teenagers and adult men around the world on the internet looking for fitness related products. How hard is it to get 100 of them to buy an ebook? how about 200 maybe 500. Now do the math.

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    mrpeoples is offline Senior Member
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    I can't get it to tell me my Adonis index. Can you explain the ratios? Greg

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    xafier is offline Senior Member
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    You waist should be the inverse golden ratio of your height. So take your height in inches and multiple by 0.45, this should be your waist in inches (around your belly button)

    The golden ratio is your waist (as above) to your shoulders (biggest measurement is usually between nipples and collar bone). So lets assume your waist is 32", your shoulders should be 32" x 1.618 = 51.7"

    Those are the numbers and how you can apparently tell if you have the "perfect" male body.

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