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    Quote Originally Posted by LawDude View Post
    As there has been a lot of good advice to the OP, I thought I would ask a question of the RKCs - have you seen anyone do the Test using only one hand, no switching ? (Having both hands, fully able otherwise)
    I believe you have to do at least one with the other hand. I can't find it in my manual though.
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    Thanks for all the great info. I messed around a little with some transfers yesterday, and I agree with other posters here on staying with what's safe and easy. I don't intend on being barely able to pass (I can get over 100 now) and having to worry about a few reps from switching - just want to be the best I can . From all the advice I've heard, the snatch test isn't really the hardest part of the RKC, and if it kicks your butt you have some endurance work to do...

    On a related note: a new PR for me - just did 80 straight RKC-approvable snatches (I've been training with an RKC II) with no break in 3:30! (24kg). I switched hands every 10 reps using a low swing, although I may think about raising that number to 12 or 15... we'll see.

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