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    Default Flexability for Jiu Jistu ?

    I saw a earlier thread on Flexibility training for Jiu Jitsu and cant find it now ? Someone recommended Grapplers Tool Box I think ?
    I'm looking for a routine that doesn't take to long I can do in the mornings , I'm doing PTTP and some KB work thru the week but I desperately need to start some flex training any help would be appreciated ?

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    Two people.
    Eddie Bravo and Paul Zaichik.
    Eddie knows how to use flexibility in his Jui Jistu. Rubber guard, that's his. He has stretches in his book, most of which are just cold stretches though.
    Paul has a program elasticsteel grappler. It has excellent flexibility routines and cool strength exercises to go with them together.

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    In what part/s of your body do you want to attain better flexibility (i.e. legs, back, neck) for BJJ and why?

    I can do the splits which I find makes my swinging armbar/oma plata/triangle drills look better but for the most part it's an illusion. I say this because if my hips don't move the technique/drill will never work regardless of how good it looks.

    In my training I've seen people wanting to develop flexibility at they're knees so they can copy some pretty stupid stuff they've seen some grappler doing on YouTube. Yet when they try it themselves they usually find they tear something to the point they need anywhere between 5 days off training to 6 weeks off training due to surgery.

    If flexibility is what you're after for BJJ then I recommend doing things to loosen up your thoracic and cervical spine in the event you get stacked hard, this will prevent many chiropractor appointments, else training for all round general flexibility will more than suffice. Pavel has quite a few books on stretching available for sale in this site and will be perfect for you.
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    I've got Grappler's Toolbox Reborn, it's OK. I agree with Yaron, check out some of Pavel's books, or maybe Z-Health.

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    Grappler's Toolbox Reborn is awesome. You don't have to do the whole set of drills every day. Pick one or two areas where you are weak or need more flexibility, and run the drills a couple times a day. I cranked my knee a bit and sat out of the shinbox and cossack exercises for a while, and I could tell a difference (not in a good way). That DVD is good for all martial arts. Last night, my neck got jammed up a bit and I knew why - I had not worked on the drills for a while and lacked flexibility.

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