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    Yea, I have done it for about 4 or 5 weeks now I think. I do them once a week. I will probably go to step 2 next session. I put the tension on double over drive the first few sessions and really learned. I felt out the groove and played with it and learned. Then as the weeks went on I began to relax the tension and focus on speeding up to 2 seconds. I think that it is not just a matter of gaining strength. You should stay with a step and learn from it. Try doing it different ways, perfect it and learn from it. It's like you are trying to be the worlds best horizontal puller. I don't know what this "pull up" everyone is talking about is. I could have done 3 sets of 50 with economical tension the first and moved on but I feel like I have gained a lot. I would add to that, that I absolutely hated shoulder squats the first 3 times. Now I love them. I learned the groove and I feel solid in the position as opposed to neck burning and lack of knowing what I am doing. The step ones are steps that you have to make hard your self. + The work outs have inspired me to seek new levels of precision in my kettle bell work.
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