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    Convict Conditioner is offline Senior Member
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    Rockville, Maryland

    Smile I'd love to say "hi"

    Hi everyone,

    My name's Dan, resident of Maryland. My first fitness love is indoor climbing. Last year an older guy at my club advised me to up my grip and finger strength, which was pretty sucky TBH. This got me into bar training (pull-ups, finger hangs, etc) which eventually led me to more body-weight work.

    I tried different systems, from kung fu-type dynamic tension, Transformetrics and eventually Matt Furey's system. I learned from all of them, but it was only when I got my hands on 'Convict Conditioning' that everything clicked and I realized I had a system I could really invest my time in and devote myself to. It makes sense, the progressions make sense.

    Since getting into the book, I've dipped in and out of this forum more and more. I've visited other strength forums but they seem to me to be mostly bodybuilding based, and attract a lot of, shall we say, 'mentally challenged' teenagers! This site is much more mature and based around function, and movement strength, which is what really interests me. Also the posters here seem to skew as more mature, smarter and more experienced. I've gained a lot of food for thought from this forum already.

    So I thought I'd formally dive in and say hello! Look forwards to joining in some discussions with you all!

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    Devez is offline Senior Member
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    Mar 2010


    As Pavel would say..'welcome to the party'. Rest assured you'll have no problem finding alot of CC threads.

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    RedDawn289 is offline Member
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    I have only been on here a little while now and am just starting ETK PM but this site feels right at home. Everything is here that you need and everyone seems great and willing to help. Welcome!

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    shawnstampley is offline Senior Member
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    Default com.

    DAH! Velkomen.

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    lllazarrr is offline Member
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    Welcome ! You'll find lots of good info here...

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    iforwms is offline Senior Member
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    Default I'd love to say "hi"

    Welcome, and happy training!
    [URL=""]My Blog[/URL]

    [URL=""]Training Log
    [URL=""]The Convict Conditioning YouTube Channel[/URL]

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    Easey Jack is offline Senior Member
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    Default Welcome

    Welcome to the Party. I was also drawn here thanks to Convict Conditioning (following a long period of bodybuilding, and even some steroid use. CC helped me recover from the insanity.) I've also been exposed to a lot of very useful stuff here. You mention functionality. If you liked CC, please do yourself a favor and read Pavel's Naked Warrior also.

    The Naked Warrior, Bodyweight Exercises for Greater Strength - Book

    Fast and Loose, Loaded Stretching and Super Joints are also brilliant. Anything involving Brett Jones and Gray Cook also count as "must watch" and, in my opinion will help your climbing no end.

    On a side note, I see you're into climbing and grip work. Word is out that Convict Conditioning 2 will have a grip section, and judging by the first book, it'll be the definitive bodyweight grip/forearm text. Thought that may interest you.

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    ShuriteKempo is offline Senior Member
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    Dan check out our CC progression thread. It is sort of a mutual support and info thread.
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    [CENTER][SIZE=5][SIZE=2]Think of yourself as a bladed weapon that requires sharpening daily. Remember the finest edge will dull the quickest, so don’t rest on past accomplishments, keep training. As your technique becomes sharper your skills will be more difficult to improve, then you must increase the realism and intensity of your training. To live the martial way one must train their entire lives.[/SIZE][/SIZE][/CENTER]

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    Convict Conditioner is offline Senior Member
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    Rockville, Maryland

    Smile Thanks guys

    Wow, thanks for the warm welcome, fellow comrades/convicts! I can't wait to join in posting with each and every one of you!

    @Devez: I can see you're right! Great!

    @RedDawn289: I agree, things do feel great here; fantastic vibe!

    @ShawnStampley: Yah vol!

    @lllazarr: I hear that!

    @irorwms: I think your Youtube channel rocks, man!

    @Easy Jack: I agree, and already admire the Russian. I have ETK but will get more when I have time to give his work the concentration it obviously deserves!

    @ShuriteKenpo: Will post there soon. I enjoyed many of your posts, they were part of the reason I joined. Great to meet you!

    @Everyone else who reads this: Thanks!

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