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    Default Timing for CC steps

    OK guys I know this borders on O.C.D. but I wanted to make sure the counts are right on the CC steps.

    Pushups are a 5 second count, two counts down, pause for one, then two counts up before immediately lowering down again. So no pause at the top of the pushup.

    Squats same thing, 5 seconds total, pause at the bottom but no pause at the top.

    So you should be getting 12 reps per minute.

    Pullups however get an extra second pause at the bottom of the movement as well as the top. So here it's 6 seconds per rep and you get 10 reps per minute.

    Do the leg raises follow this extra count as well? I have been doing them like the push ups and squat cadences so no extra pause at the bottom.

    I'm only doing the first four steps so if anyone wants to chime in with the bridging cadence please do so. I assume the handstand pushups are the same count as regular pushups.

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    You got it right. Pause for one second at top and bottom of leg raises as well. No momentum assist is the goal. Keep in mind that even though there is no extra pause at top of pushups and squats, its still important to transition smoothly when coming back down. Don't speed up as you descend. Control and strength only!
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    As a rule of thumb, any position that feels like you can rest there for a while should have no pause.
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    I do squats on a six-second cadence. I don't rest at the top, but perform a "hard-style lock" and then descend. For the first few steps of bridges, six seconds is fine, as long as you are actively pushing in the upper position. After step four or five though, they start to take way more time to do properly and smoothly.

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    I've been following exactly that formula as well: 5 seconds on pushups, squats, handstand pushups, bridges (anything involving pushing away from the ground) and 6 seconds on pullups and leg raises (anything involving hanging or constant tension). Obviously these rules are tweaked somewhat during frog raises or late steps in the bridges.

    On a related note, step 2 of pullups is hell with a 5 second cadence. It could be done, but progress would be unreasonably slow. I started that way and gained ten reps when I switched to a 6 second pace.
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