9 days ago I finished my Fatigue Cycling from "Beyond Bodybuilding". I have started it fairly easy, with weights I was very comfortable doing my sets with 30second breaks in between, 3-6minutes pause between exercises. Squats had literally destroyed me, so I had to take longer breaks for them (up to 3 minutes). I've added 5% of my estimated 1RM each workout, staying with it for a maximum of 4 workouts. In the BP, where I got stuck first, I deloaded 10% when I've seen no improvement in 4 workouts and I pushed again, gradually building up the poundage (at taking longer breaks if necessary). I even increased my rest between sets to 1minute, in the last weeks, so I could put more weight on the bar.

I am extremely pleased with the results - 5% or so bodyfat down, 1kg bodyweight up, considerably bigger lats and biceps! The results I get from Pavel's workouts are nothing short of AMAZING! After the DeLorme experiment, the Fatigue Cycling made me even more ecstatic!

I would like to start the next routine outlined in "Bodybuilding our way" by Dr Lyuber, which include the conjugate method as well. This is what I've found on the Internet:

"Workout A
1. Bench Press
2. T-Bar Rows
3. Standing Press
4. Seated Dumbbell Curl
5. Breathing Squats
6. Wide Grip Pullups

Workout B
1. Incline Press
2. Bent Row
3. Press Behind the Neck
4. Standing Dumbbell Curl
5. Breathing Squats
6. Wide Grip Pullups

The dose of iron for each exercise, except the squats and hanging leg raise is as follows: for the first set perform 12 reps with just the bar. For the second set, perform the same number of reps with a weight 10-20 kgs (~22-44 lbs) less than your day’s work sets. Finally, perform 4 to 5 work sets of 6 reps. Don’t pyramid your weight or do drop sets! The weight you start your first work set with should remain on the bar throughout the remainder of the exercise. If you can’t get your 6 reps for all the planned sets, switch to a cheating or “forced rep” style. You should explode through each rep, with the emphasis placed on lifting as much weight as possible in a reasonable style. Attack each workout like your life depended on it. Take longer breaks between sets, but still only just enough to get your breathing under control.

For the 5th exercise, breathing squats, perform as follows: limber up with 20 to 25 repetitions with just the bar. After that, add some weight to the bar and do another 20 reps, immediately followed by 15 reps of the dumbbell pullover, lying crosswise across a bench. For the second set, add more weight and do 15 reps, followed by another 15 dumbbell pullovers. For the third and final set, again add weight and do 12 reps, followed by another 15 pullovers. Use the same weight dumbbells for all the pullovers, the point of this exercise is to maximally expand and contract the chest.

Exercise 6, the wide grip pull up is introduced into this workout with the similar goal of expanding and broadening the back. 50 reps should be performed in as many sets as necessary.

The load in this complex of workouts is more than sufficient, so special attention should be given to your rest and recuperation. Once a week you should take a sauna and have a general massage. However, if one feels that this is too much work, he can occasionally reduce the workouts to twice a week, for example Monday and Thursday."

I think this routines are great for those seeking for a balanced distribution of muscle mass, and I would like to get the rest of them. Does anyone know where the entire Lyubertsy training system can be found (in English)?