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    Default How Many KBs for ROTK?

    Hey gang, I want to do ROTK once I achieve my last goal in ETK.

    Was reading the reviews and some people said you only need two bells, while others said you need ten...

    What would be the minimum I would need? At present I have two 24s, one 28 and two 32s coming soon.


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    You need:

    A light set for the easy day (mine are 16kg)

    A medium set (2-24's works for me)

    A heavy set (2-32kg works well because one of the goals of the program involves 2-32 kg bells) but you may need heavier depending on your strength level and body weight.

    One of the goals of the program is also a full body weight press. You may be able to get that with what you have in the 32's. Personally, I am not at the body weight level yet. I will just tape some weights to my 32's when I am ready for testing my bodyweight press.

    You could probably get by with one light bell, but having two light bells is recommended in the book and nice for the easy long cycle days.

    Having the "tweeners" is recommending in the book but you can probably make that determination once you are working with the program.

    Even if you don't want to start on the program now, the book is still worth picking up early as there is a wealth of information. The tips on shoulder mobility, squat form and block periodization are worth the price of admission on there own. It is a treasure chest of information even if you have no interest in double kettlebell training.

    Hope this helps, good luck with the new program.

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    The minimum set for getting started would be 2x16, 2x24, 2x32.

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