Finally... and I had to split it up - the rest is coming soon - and is extremely comical... BUT... here you go, RKC Recap Saturday Part the 2nd: Presses, Pull ups, Squats and the fun of going heavier!

Presses, Pull ups, Squats and the fun of going heavier... (Saturday Part 2) Orlando RKC Recap

Following yet another strictly timed and much needed break, we came back to learn about the Press as introduced and taught by RKC Team Leader Cortez Hull. The proper performance of a kettlebell military press is highly dependent on the quality of the clean used to get the kettlebell to the pressing (rack) position - so it was obvious as to why we had learned the clean first. It is commonly said by RKCs that the press is only as good as the clean - and this is absolutely the case - a bad clean that throws you off balance or worse will definitely not set up a powerful (or even successful) press. Further discussion yielded differences in grip for the press vs the jerk - in the press, the handle of the kettlebell should be parallel to the calluses as opposed to diagonal (as in the jerk). When you squeeze the handle of the kettlebell while executing a press, further activation of supporting musculature occurs and can make a press that much stronger and beneficial. Likewise, full body tension is so necessary to the press - some people choose to clench their non-lifting fist at their side in order to increase and reinforce this tension.

Things got interesting as we started to go heavier... the adherence to strict form became even more crucial - its ALWAYS crucial... but a heavier kettlebell will tell you immediately if you're doing something wrong. Of course during this heavier phase and during a break, my good friend and trainer Tim Shuman decides its time for me to demo a couple tactical pull ups for a friend of his (I can't remember who!). On one hand - this is good... a whole lot of pressing definitely gets you warmed up for this sort of thing, BUT I also knew I was getting a bit fatigued... especially before lunch. So I wouldn't be about to throw down with a personal record that's for sure, but I would get to check out the really nifty portable Tactical Athlete Pullup System they had set up.
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