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    Default Rite of Passage Variety Days - what to do? High Intensity Interval Training?

    I've been doing the RoP for a few months following the ETK PM and Anthony D's workbook. My starting 35 lbs bell is starting to feel a little light and I've been heading to the gym to use a 40lbs or 20kg bell on some days. Anyway I have often skipped variety days and I was considering using them to do HIIT (High Intensity Interval Training) and was curious to get opinions of forum members.

    My goal is overall health, strength and looking a little more cut (6 pack!). Secondary and perhaps conflicting is maybe to put on more pounds of muscle. I feel like I'm not working my cardio enough....

    I was doing this HIIT program for probably 2 years but stopped when I started doing kettlebells. Plus my knees would bother me occasionally.
    5 min warmup then 2 min max, 1 min rest for 18 min; 3x a week with two days below peak HR and one above peak max HR
    All About Intervals : Run For Weight Loss : < week 8 steady state

    I am going to try the Peak 8 interval program Dr. Mercola recommends here:
    Phil Campbell on Peak 8 Exercises

    but I'm wondering if 3 days RoP plus two Peak 8 might be overtraining? Will give it a go. Maybe will alternate variety days between Peak 8 and other stuff.

    Any thoughts?

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    ETK gives good guidance about how to handle variety days - follow the advice in the book, and do not follow another program that is supposed to be intense enough all by itself on top of ETK.

    KBNJ.COM - Steve Freides, RKC Team Leader

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    I'll second Steve by quoting the book (p. 150):

    Tuesday variety (optional): Do whatever you want and take it easy.

    Thursday variety (optional) (summarized): any or all of (1) 5x5 cleans alternated with 5x1 TGUs w/1 bell up; (2) 2-3x5-10 SW and/or 2-3x1-10 SN w/1 bell up; (3) whatever you want and take it easy.

    JMO, and as the book says, your call when to do it, but maybe it's time to bell up altogether. A DD distributor near you would gladly sell you a 20kg, and then you'd probably want a 24 for the Thurs. variety day above....just saying.

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    looking back at what I did on Tuesdays and Thursdays, I did absolutely nothing. Remember that your muscles develop when you sleep and when you rest, and not when you train.

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