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    Default PTTP additional exercises.

    At the moment I'm doing PTTP with the deadlift and the bench press. However I really enjoy improving my OHP and even my squat. I was doing the bear with just deadlift and bench but playing rugby as well this was a little too much without eating everything in sight.

    If I stick to PTTP principles, 5*n then 5*90% Mon-Fri is it too much adding in OHP and Squat? I think I'd step cycle the OHP and just add 2.5KG per week. The bear was too much for my back when factoring in rugby, I don't want to make the same mistake adding the OHP and Squat. Previously I was doing SS 3x5 but I much prefer this style of workout and cycling.

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    The Sq and DL are close but I think similar enough to get away with. The Bench and OHP are closer but may still be in the same boat.

    Check out Dan John's 40 day strength program (search for it on T-Nation or on here) it is very similar to the PTTP protocol but uses 5 exercises instead of 2.

    Check there, then try it out, keep a record, and make your assessment.

    I hope this helps.

    Have a great day!
    Justin Cox

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    You could add sq and op and still stay within the general guidelines of PTTP by doing

    M - Sq/OP
    T - DL/Bench
    W - Sq/OP
    Thu - DL/Bench
    F - Sq/OP

    Or set it up so you DL/Bench 3x a week if you like.

    If you can't do the 5x a week routine and/or want to do more than a couple of exercises a session then you might be better off doing SS or look into one of Dan John's routines as suggested above.

    But you can do whatever you like. Just make sure that it works for you, doesn't interfere with your rugby and you can keep adding weight to the bar.

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    Personally i wouldn't add more till you have reached a goal with PTTP. you said you re training rugby etc, so depending on the training encompassed in that you don't need much else but PTTP. If however you must add something do chins, as the idea of the PTTP is to leave enough rest for the body parts being trained.

    OHP and squats are too close to these exercises to allow PTTP to work properly, IMO.

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