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    Default Summarizing Comrade Pavel's Programs

    Comrade Pavel,

    This post is in response to your request that I start another thread to explain the summarization diagram that I created (

    In my “day job”, I’m a senior manager with a large management consulting firm. My passion, however, is martial arts. I research, study and teach Filipino, Malaysian and Indonesian martial arts (I have teaching certificates from Dan Inosanto, Leo Gaje and Herman Suwanda).

    I’m very impressed with your work, and I recommend your programs to my students (I wish I got a “referral fee” for every KB I’ve sold for Dragon Door!). I was looking for a way to explain how your various programs are related to each other, so I drew this diagram. My original note to you for your comment was to determine whether or not my overview diagram is correct before I distribute it to anyone. Thanks.

    Comrade Omar

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    Pavel Tsatsouline Guest

    Default Re: Summarizing Comrade Pavel's Programs

    Comrade Omar, thank you for your kind words and for spreading propaganda! You should get certified as an RKC instructor and you will be getting a commission off your KB sales.

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