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    John Du Cane is offline Administrator
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    Thumbs up Wow, 53 candidates took HKC workshop in Alexandria...

    Our Master RKC, Brett Jones, had 53 candidates at his HKC workshop this last Saturday in Alexandria, Virginia. A new record!

    Congratulations to Brett, to Darius Gilbert and to all the new HKCs!

    We think it's time for an RKC workshop in Alexandria, don't you?

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    MalleusMike is offline Member
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    I was one of those 53 candidates, and I am honored and elated to state that I passed (as did my wife who also attended).

    It was an entirely pleasant and edifying experience to learn from Brett Jones and the RKC Team Leaders. Quite a display of professionalism, knowledge and interpersonal skills were exhibited by all. Needless to say I learned more than I will be able to process for the next few days. The feedback during the day was continuous and always helpful. The critiques were always positive and spot on. Every time I did another swing, get-up or squat it was better than the one before. I can honestly say that I earned the awesome distinction of passing.

    I must say that Brett Jones is an amazing individual. He is an excellent teacher and a great guy possessing a good sense of humor, an innate ability to use the appropriate teaching method for any situation, and a man of true humility. Eight of us had the pleasure on Sunday to attend a short course on Indian Club basics given by Brett. He also gave us more instruction and drills for the get-up, cleans, swings and snatches. What are great opportunity to be taught by one of the best!

    I must also say that it was a pleasure to meet and work with Darius Gilbert as well. He was very helpful before, during and after HKC. My wife and I plan to keep in touch with him and visit his gym, at his gracious request.

    With all sincerity I am honored and privileged to be associated with Dragon Door and the HKC and RKC programs. Truly an impressive organization of individuals and indeed, the gold standard of instruction.

    My wife and I have registered for the RKC in St Paul on April 29-May 1. In my view, the only reason that either of us wouldn't pass that certification would be because we haven't applied all that we learned at HKC and from Brett Jones.
    Michael T Rossler, RKC

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    Thank you Michael - It was great to work with you and your wife at the HKC and following workshop. You will both do great!

    Darius and all of the RKC assistants did such a great job - I couldn't have done it without them.

    Keep Swinging


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    Steve Freides is offline Senior Member
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    Quote Originally Posted by MalleusMike View Post
    I must say that Brett Jones is an amazing individual. He is an excellent teacher and a great guy ...
    All of us who've worked with Brett would agree with you.

    Quote Originally Posted by MalleusMike View Post
    ... possessing a good sense of humor
    Here, however, I don't think it's good to encourage him.

    Congratulations on passing your HKC and best of luck at your upcoming RKC.

    KBNJ.COM - Steve Freides, RKC Team Leader

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    The NoVA area has many fitness enthusiasts, myself included.

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