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    I think Laura made a pertinent point. The other posts here were also enjoyable....
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    Quote Originally Posted by mcneuen View Post
    I think there is more to the story than we can know at this time. They were doing a program that they've done in past years, and all 5 of the program's s&c coaches were on hand. Different seniorities, different workout groups and different field positions. Chris Doyle came up under Mike Boyle and isn't generally viewed as irresponsible. To have 13 kids have rhabdo all at once on a supervised program that hasn't caused any problems in the past says to me that we don't know all of the facts yet. Like maybe the kids were taking some unauthorized ephedra or other supplements. A cluster this big under a legitimate coach is just too unusual.
    If the problem was supplementation, it would have happened to far fewer kids. 13 kids out of a out-of-season football program that has maybe 75 people (almost 1 out of 6) is very much an outlier. And these kids are on training table and watched more than any athlete other than professionals. They are not just showing up for workouts an going home. This is a top 25 football program.

    If you are on the S&C staff, you are not only responsible for the development of the athlete, you are also responsible for their safety by virtue of your job function. 1 of 6 hospitalized and on IV is not safe. I would bet even the S&C staff would say they are responsible.

    If you look at the comments of some of the kids that leaks and the workouts that leaked to the media....screams of negligence and quite frankly, ignorance.
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