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    Default Workout Regression

    Hello guys, I need some advice. I've been doing the planche training for a while now, and I'm currently at the advance tuck stage. I usually workout every other day, but just recently I took a two day break. When I started to work out again, however, I couldn't hold it for as long as I usually do. Same thing with pull ups. I couldn't do as many reps. I'm confused as to what has happened here, any advice? I'd be very appreciative.

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    Default 1 step back, 2 steps forward

    It sounds like you need a back off period.
    Back-off to a slightly easier technique/reps/sets then gradually build back up to higher peak.
    1 step back, 2 steps forward.

    If you keep good training notes, you will become sensitive to your body's need for a back-off week and plan appropriately.

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    Thanks a lot, I never thought about a back off period. Thanks for advice

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