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    Default ROP: Heavy Snow-shovels

    Today was my medium ROP day.

    16" of heavy wet snow, 20 ' from the door to the driveway, another 70' to the car, and 20' more from the back of the car to the street. I used my trusty iPhone Kettlebell timer, 30 seconds on, 60 off, 12 sets, 30 minute break between sets. Took me 4 cycles to drill a path to the car, clear around the car and out to the street. That's about 24 minutes active shoveling. Tried to use good form, straight back, solid core, lift with the legs, use the hips.

    Tired but got done what needed to be done. I'm not a young guy any more but I couldn't have done this a couple of years ago so the hard work is paying off. If you can swing kettlebells you can shovel snow I guess, but I may still buy a snow blower next year, lol. Nice to know I don't NEED one.

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    Thats nothing. My drive is 500' feet long with a large turn around and parking area and it snows and average of 19 feet where I live.... It takes me 25 min in one set of good form. Hands on the sticks and feet on the pedals, core tight... in a bobcat skidsteer Good work shoveling wet snow is a real workout!

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    good to hear. i had to talk a friend out of buying a snow blower for a 15 foot drive way
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