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    Default CC Progress Report 1


    As I did throughout the RoP I am holding myself accountable to the Party. I will, starting with this post, report monthly on my progress through the Convict Conditioning program.

    So far:
    Push up: Step 1- progression met; Step 2- 1 set of 20
    Squat: Step 1
    Pull up: Step 1- progression met; Step 2- 1 set of 11
    Leg Raise: Step 1
    Bridge and Hand Stand Push Up: waiting to achieve Step 6 in above movements.

    Step 2 for the push up and pull up, especially the pull up, are drastically more challenging than Step 1. However, before the program I could only do about 5-8 reps of the horizontal pull up, so I know the program is working. I can tell my joints feel more comfortable performing push and pull movements now than they did a month ago. I have finally found my groove for those demonic evil shoulderstand squats, so I think I should meet the progression by the end of next month. I'm in no real hurry with the leg raises, but I should hit that progression next month, too.

    I can hardly believe how excited about training I am these days. Wade's method causes you to really focus on what your are doing. I don't even listen to music when I train now. Coming off of the RoP ladders in December and moving to CC has been a truly enjoyable transition. I am continuing to push myself with the swings, snatches and jumping rope, and am adding some light circuit training for variety and fat loss. Good Times!!

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    keep going!

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