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Thread: Sets

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    Default Sets

    As you know I was well into bw's, But I think I am kettlebell in love now!

    Pavel enter the kettlebell is excellent, Just read it from a friend! It does mention in there slow rep grinds, and 1-5 reps, Which suit me, But how many sets? I don't know if I missed something, But I don't think it mentioned sets? What sets should I do for the wiry strength that pavel calls it?

    I am so buzzing right now about KB's, I am not gonna bother with bw's, I need something all in one.

    Quality....If anyone nows about the wiry strength and sets lets us now, I will have to borrow me mates kb

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    Your question is awkward because those of us on the forum are hesitant to divulge information piecemeal on one of Pavel's programs from which you should obtain on your own (either purchase or borrow from a friend) The book is not expensive, and you may find it at one of the major book stores in your town. Some people (not necessarily you) will attempt to reconstruct a program for which is available by sale in order to avoid paying. Please do not take it the wrong way - just something to consider when asking about specific programs..Dennis

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