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    Zach Schul Guest

    Default Kettlebell Pickup at Dragoondoor St. Paul MN?

    Is this possible? it would sve me a lot in shipping.

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    deekay is offline Member
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    Jan 2011


    I've done it, and it was great. I can't speak for Dragon Door but call or send them an email to work out all the details.

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    Zach Schul Guest


    Awesome, i hope this is still the case. I wish DD was more user friendly. The only info i see for contact is the fillout sheet or an 1800 number that i called and was less then helpful.

    I will send a contact sheet and hopefully a RKC member will comment further.

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    Jeff O'Connor Guest


    Email and I'm sure they'll help you out. I doubt you can just show up anytime, but there are always bells for sale at the end of a certification.

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