Conjugate Periodization
(7 day Microcycle)

Day 1: Dynamic Effort Method(40%-60% 1RM)
-lifts are ballistic..."get relaxed, then EXPLODE!"
-short rest periods are extremely important as the goal is to fatigue fast twitch fibers so more are recruited or in other words to increase rate-of-force development.
-generally 3-8sets of 6-15reps are utilized

Day 3: Max Effort Method(90%<X 1RM)
-Don't psyche, you will burn yourself out
-Do many warm-up single sets(10%, 20%, 30%... 70%, 80%, 90%)
-Limit yourself to 2-3 lifts over 90% per exercise
1)90% 2)95% 3)New PR attempt or 1)90% 2)New PR attempt
-Time under tension and strain(maximal effort) , not records, are what is important.
-Isn't necessary every week
-1 to 3 weeks beofre exercise is switched.

Day 5: Repeated Effort Method(For Explosive Sports 30%-50%1RM/
For Weightlifters 50%-70%1RM)
-purpose is GPP and recovery
-bodyweight exercises work well
-high reps (simmons advocates going until failure)

If anyone wants to add anything to this or give their two cents feel free.