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    Default Workshop with Sr RKC Zar Horton

    Hi guys, for anyone in Northern NM/Southern CO, Sr RKC Zar Hortzon will be teaching an Intermediate and Advanced Kettlebell Workshop on The Secret Mesa (aka Los Alamos, NM) on Sunday March 27th.

    What you can expect in the Intermediate Session:

    • dial in your Swing
    • The Clean - for learning full body tension and core strength
    • The Military Press - For building a strong upper body and core
    • The Snatch - The mother of all KB moves. Full Body. Heart Pounding. Fat burning. TOTAL BODY CONDITIONER!

    Any of these moves alone would be worthy of an hour session by itself, with this course you get them all! The only prerequisite is that you have been through an Intro Class or have a firm grounding in the basic kettlebell movements. With that as a foundation, Zar will be able help you kick it up a notch.

    Advanced Session:
    This one is designed for those who have already learned the basics and want to eek out even more performance from their training. We'll check your form, and then move right into some real cardio conditioning, double kettlebells. Think swinging 1 bell is tough? Try doing multiple sets of double kettlebells. I gotta tell you, this is my preferred method of training. NOTHING cranks up my heart rate and burn rate like doubles.

    Learn the finer points of the

    • Windmill
    • Overhead Kettlebell Squat
    • Double Swings
    • Double Cleans
    • Double Front Squat

    One other tidbit, just in case you are on the fence, Zar is also a R.I.S.T phase Z-health instructor. These instructors have spent a lot of time learning how to help you learn to move better. Zar has personally helped me with a tweaky knee from an old injury. Something acupuncture, chiropractors, and ibuprofen couldn't do.

    So here's the skinny:

    When: Sunday March 27th
    Time: Intermediate 10:30am, Advanced 1:30pm
    Where: Weather permitting we will be training at one of the parks in Los Alamos.
    Details to follow
    3hr session is $150/person. .

    To keep the teacher-student ratio small we will be capping the class size to 6. Ping me if you are interested.

    Cell: 505-501-1004
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