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    Default Do swings affect the Transversis Abdominus?

    Hey Comrades, been in PT now for a bit and learning a lot about strengthening the TA muscle. I asked my PT about KB work and she reacted with a little horror regarding the "violence" of the movement. Suffice it to say she didn't think it a great idea.

    When I first went, I could hardly find or contract this muscle. The PT is helping.

    I have read though that the TA is affected by forceful breathing that you may find on the exhalations on the swing.

    Bottom line: every time I do my swings, the next morning my back feels better even though it doesn't feel like I'm getting the deeper muscles like the TA or Multifidus muscles that my PT wants me to get as active as my Rectus and Lombars already are.

    Any thoughts on this Comrades? She didn't say I couldn't do KB work. I just think maybe she isn't too familiar with it is all but she doesn't want me to bypass the deeper muscles by constantly working the more superficial muscles. Do KBs hit all the core muscles?

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    Violence of the swing. Are you kidding me? I hope your PT doesn't play sports or lift anything heavy. Those are a lot more violent.

    TA and Multifidus are deep stability muscles. You are not going to isolate them, because in and of themselves they don't have a muscle function that isn't shared by other muscles. Most problems with them are not from underuse or being weak, but from motor patterns being wrong.

    You are not going to significant work the TA of lumbar multifidus in the swing because they are not the primary movers or stabilizers in the movement.

    The better way to work them is single leg work, because their primary action is stabilization. One two legs, you are already stable.

    Just do what your PT says when it comes to your PT.
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    Pavel Tsatsouline Guest


    Com. Chris, a professional PT like Gray Cook could explain to this PT the lower back benefits of the swing. So could world's top spine biomechanist Prof. Stuart McGill. He or she should read these gents' works.

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