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    Smile Thank-You Dragon Door!

    As a massive fan of Coach Wade's methods, I want to take just one post to thank Dragon Door as a company for the Super F.A.Q. you have just put out on the CC Product Page.

    Like everyone here, I've explored my share of fitness websites. I've often been duped into signing on to an (e)mailing list to get a hot-off-the-press "report" on something that interested me.

    People who have done the same will probably verify my experience...nine out of ten times, these reports are just one or two page adverts with very little information, just trying to get you to buy a book, dvd, membership, or so on.

    I expected the same when I entered my email to get the Convict Conditioning "report". I was shocked to see that--far from being just a page or two--it is forty four pages long. That's 4-4!!!

    And let me explain to those who haven't read it, that's forty four pages of SOLID text. There are no pictures, no photos, no gaps. And the bulk of the text is kind of small. There's a LOT here. And the content is absolutely fantastic. It genuinely answers every CC training question I have ever read on this forum!

    This could have easily been padded out with pics and margins to make it 120 pages or something. A lot of companies would have done that, and sold it as a regular book. Given the reputation of CC, I have no doubt such a book would have flown off the shelves.

    I recently read a thread on here about site memberships and how no company ever gives out something for nothing. But you guys have given us a hell of a free gift with this FAQ. (My only sadness is that it's a p.d.f., not a full web page we can all make comments on, or start discussions under. But that's a small peeve. )

    So just one post here to say Dragon Door--thanks. I'm impressed, just as impressed as I am with the quality of the posters of this forum, most of whom are polite, knowledgeable, and friendly. Keep this kind of stuff coming and I for one will be sticking around.


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    Great call!

    I think the beauty of DD is that a large majority of the poster(s) here have in the trenches experience. To me, you can't beat years of training knowledge. There is something to be said about people who share their experiences with others when they have done it first hand.

    There are some very smart people here thats for sure.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Convict Conditioner View Post
    As a massive fan of Coach Wade's methods, I want to take just one post to thank Dragon Door as a company for the Super F.A.Q. you have just put out on the CC Product Page. .....
    +1. Really, really great document. Thanks John, Paul.

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    Absolutely. I am loving every grueling minute of the CC program. It's quite literally the workout program I've been waiting my whole life for.

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    This program has taught me to be a connoisseur of calisthenics. The sequel will make a great read.
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