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    Quote Originally Posted by Yorkshirecomrade View Post
    Silverfroth - What's it specific purpose then? I think it's a completely unnecessary exercise. Don't see any benefits myself and can't imagine what it's place is.

    You wanna squat? Then squat.
    You wanna swing? Then swing.
    You wanna get the bell overhead? Snatch it.

    The kid shows great mobility but to me it's just another dangerous exercise for beginners (or experts) to start fooling around with. Just what I think.

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    Good physiques are not given. They are forged through time, effort, dedication and hard work.
    I don't see the outright benefits of this particular swing/squat in the OP - and likely I won't incorporate it. The pendulum effect actually mutes the effort needed to do the swing and/or the squat - as if the motion overall acts like a counterbalance action. But in my reply I was refering to the overhead swing along RE Pavel's view - another taught swing/squat methods that doesn't quite look like that but does blend the two RE Du Cane's method.

    When I do side squats with a swing in my routine following Andrea Du Cane's guidance it serves as an element in a cardio routine - not a strength-building exercise - and it fully engages all muscle groups. I say, the way she does them, it is quite effective for it's cardio purpose but when doing a side-squat you're not moving losely under the weight in a pendulum effect as in the video exercise - instead, you're moving out and away from the bell while it is in motion - which engages the core more and forces one to maintain overall physical control and balance while in motion.
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