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Thread: Muscular Pain

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    Default Muscular Pain

    I'm on CC and have a problem. I have to sit for a big part of the day, on a computer and the last few days I'm having back pain near the shoulder blades/spine. It's not, most definitely DOMS, it's the bad pain.

    What can I do to ease it out? And, more then that, how does it influence my training? I guess CC's pulls are the one that work out that area, but I'm not sure, since let raises need it to stabilization (on step 5).

    Any ideas here?

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    Are you actually being forced to sit for long periods? And the pain is bad. Just get up off the chair about every 20 minutes and stretch it out for a couple of minutes. Or ask the boss if you could place the computer on a platform that you can operate from the standing position. If the pain is coming from your CC training - go down a step and work back up when the pain goes away...Dennis

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    Stop working out for now. Get a deep muscle massage and see a chiropractor to see if an adjustment is needed. Start back into working out with rehab exercises until you feel right. Most likely muscle or soft tissue issues so play it safe.

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