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    Rich in Nor Cal is offline Senior Member
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    Hi everyone, sorry about putting up a post suggesting that TA Fire might be a phish. I ordered the book, had to log off for a while, and when I went back I couldn't find the book anywhere on my machine or referenced in any emails. So I went back to the original page, tried the email link and it was dead (404 error). I tried to contact paypal to see if the offer was legit, and the number I found for paypal was dead also. Not knowing Tim or Mike or having any previous knowledge of them, I became concerned I had been phished.

    I decided to make the post to warn others until I confirmed if they were legit or not, and if they were, I thought I could just delete the post, since I have seen the "delete" function on the edit page. However, I guess if it is the opening post it can't be deleted, at least I couldn't find a way to do it. Bad time to learn that lesson. So I had to leave the post up.

    I estimated that Dragon Door members are smart enough not to reject the book based on my post title without reading it, so I hoped it wouldn't be a problem. I hope it hasn't been, and apologize if anyone was misled by the title of my posted warning into ignoring the book--check it out, I did and I enjoyed and learned some things from it.

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    I purchased it but haven't read it yet. After you pay you do have to click the link to return to the author's web site for the download link. I think it can be easy to miss this step.

    After purchase I received an email from the authors with the book as an attachment, just in case I had issues with the original download. I believe emailing the book as an attachment, as backup, is SOP for them.

    These guys are legit and you'll get your book.

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    Rich in Nor Cal and rwrjr, Thank you for posting this and thank you both for your support.

    Tim Anderson

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