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If your goal is strength without size then no. The fast tempo will simply teach your nervous system to recruit more motor units more rapidly. If you want hypertrophy then you would need to do more sets, but this would also be true if you were using a slower tempo.

I haven't heard this before - that a slower tempo works the antagonists to a greater extent. The deadlift already takes care of the upper back muscles - they are worked statically - so a row or pullup is not absolutely necessary.
When I said that a slower tempo will work the antagonists more, what I should have said is that a slower tempo potentially works the antagonists more. What I mean by that is, if you are working an overhead press, if you slowly grind it out while utilizing maximum tension, you can also work the lats and biceps. If the lift is done quickly, I would expect the tension in the lats and biceps to be quite a bit less. In that sense, I wonder if doing a program of deadlifts and side presses would be less of a total body workout if the lifts are done more rather than less quickly.