My hands have been hurting more since I started working a lot with my 32kg bell, mainly around the callouses after a long set of snatching and cleaning. I've heard horror stories of callouses ripping open, which sounds pretty painful and makes one stop training for a bit to allow it to heal. So to try to minimize the pain and the threat of ripped callouses I thought I'd try making a lineament to deal with those issues.

I mixed very strong black tea (for tannic acid) with some cinnamon, salicylic acid powder, bromelein meat tenderizer, soy sauce, potassium and sodium chloride, and witch hazel, (about a quarter cup in all), and put a teaspoon or so on my sore hands after my last workout, massaging it into my sore calloused area. Surprisingly, my hands felt much better afterward. I don't know if it was a placebo effect, or the massaging, or something in the lineament, but something helped.

Anyone on the forum use anything on their hands, some sort of lineament or massage, to help with the pain and callouses?