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    305pelusa Guest

    Default My first One-arm Chin-up

    Hello Comrades!
    Today, before my pulling session, I tried hard with my right arm. I was finally able to do a One-arm Chin-up!!

    I would like to point out that I started from a dead-hang (shoulder tight though), and pulled all the way up. No "bent-arm" at the beginning, and no "half-reps".

    I wasn't video-taping at that moment, and I'm too fatigued to do it now. Perhaps I'll post a vid. eventually, but I'll just suppose that you trust me XD

    Left arm wasn't able to, but I felt VERY close. So I'll try totally fresh tomorrow. If I get one per arm, I'll start GTG.

    Cheers Com.! I'm extremely happy! I've worked on 9 months with progressions, and I finally reach one

    ANy comments on how to progress once I get my first one per arm would be greatly appreciated. Not sure if GTG is the best choice. Maybe some insight by people who got their first OACU already?

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    KallosThenos is offline Senior Member
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    Oct 2010


    Congrats man!

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    Android-Man is offline Senior Member
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    Nov 2008
    Tarzana, California


    Congradulations comrade!!!!!!!!!!! Amazing feat.

    What were your progressions?/ set- rep schemes?/ etc.

    9 months is great time, i know that feat alone takes some people years

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    gtrgy888 is offline Senior Member
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    Feb 2010
    Nevada Mountains
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    Awesome work. Still doing isometrics and negatives.
    CC Progress
    Pushups 9 Leg Raises 10+ Pullups 8 Squats 9
    Bridges 6 Handstand Pushups 4

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    JJC is offline Member
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    Jan 2011


    Soooo cool. It must feel good to know you will soon be counting single arm pull reps!!

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    Pats is offline Member
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    Mar 2011


    Congratz man!

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    Com. Stefan is offline Senior Member
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    Jan 2011
    Lund, Sweden


    Big congratulations com. 305pelusa! You're now officially a superman! I'm happy to see the progress you've made lately with pistols and now the OAC. I'm in awe.

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    adam27roswell is offline Senior Member
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    Apr 2009


    Congrats comrade... do share your videos
    CC Update:
    1. Push Ups (step 3 progression)
    2. Pull Ups (Step 2 Beginner)
    3. Bridges (Step 2 Progression)
    4. Squat (Step 2 Progression)
    5. Leg Raise (Step 10 intermediate)
    6. Handstand Push Ups (Step 2 Beginner)

    [B][I]"I Admire you rule the turf today. But you won't be there forever and I'll catch up soon."[/I][/B]

    [B][I]"My Profile might say I can only hope to improve, but trust me I'm improving and real fast."[/I][/B]

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    xTracer is offline Junior Member
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    Jul 2011


    anyone who has hung from a bar with one arm can undertand how strong you have to be to pull these off,

    I am still on Assissted-OAP, trying to get rid of my weakness in the bottom position by letting go of the Towel

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    305pelusa Guest


    Thank you everybody.
    Adam: I couldn't share the video because I simply don't have one. I'll see if I can do it again with both arms today.

    Android-Man: I started GTGing Uneven Pull-ups (for 2 months), just to get my grip to the point where it could hold on. After that, for the rest of the 7 months, grip was never a problem (so it ended up being a good idea).
    I then switched to GTGing Towel-assisted One-arm Chin-ups. Keeping my reps at 3 or less per set, for a volume of about 30 reps a week per arm.
    And for the final stage, I switched to 3 days of training. On 2 of them, hard positives (I used the polley-assisted method, always doing sets of 3, and waving the amount of weight used on EVERY workout). On the 3rd one, I did Negatives. Once I reached 3x2, I switched to neg.+isos.

    Once I reached 1 negative per arm, holding it for 10 secs at the top, middle, and right before the bottom (about 44 secs just that rep!), I found I could do it on the right arm!

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