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    Pavel Tsatsouline Guest


    Quote Originally Posted by beancounter1960 View Post
    Hello all, I'm middle aged, been out of shape for years (fat) and am wondering if I should work the Power to the People workout before doing kettlebells or does it matter? Also can you use the GTG method for daily snatches and cleans or is this used for presses only?

    Thanks for any help.

    Com. Wallace, it is not necessary. If anything else, having learned the KB DL from ETK and practiced swings for some months you will be in a perfect place to DL a barbell.

    You could GTG cleans and snatches as a form of practice, just keep the reps low.

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    Before staring the workout you must do the push ups and pull ups at least 10 minutes. This exercise is just to warm up of the body. By doing this exercise you can prevent from many injuries.
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    1. Untrue
    2. You bumped a 5 month old thread to add that?
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    Pull ups for at least 10 minutes?!
    I'd just listen to Pavel. Buy ETK and a 16kg kb and start practising some swings, getups, and goblet squats. Good luck with your training, and post your successes here - this is a very supportive community with some excellent advice.

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