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    Default Easy Effort Pullup Bar?

    Wondering if anyone has personally used a pullup bar from this company?

    Everything they say seems pretty legit but I like to defer to the comrades about such matters. Anybody? Any/all info would be great. Thanks guys!

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    I have something which looks very similar. I got mine at Walmart for about $30 (US) and it works great. That one seems a little expensive.


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    I bought one from them several years ago and IMO it's a fantastic piece of equipment made very well. The old apartment house I was in then had extra thick walls that exceeded the maximum dimensions the bar accommodated at the time so they made me a custom "L" bar for the thicker wall, (and also drilled holes for an adjustment for standard walls), at no extra cost! I think that the larger "L" bar is an option you can now choose but it might be extra. Anyway I recommend it highly!

    I can't use it where I am right now but one of the considerations in my next apartment will be thick walls to accommodate my bar!

    Note: Just make sure you measure the dimensions of your doorway correctly. They have another model to fit smaller sized doorways.

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    Pats is offline Member
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    Yeah it looked really good!
    Took the measurement, was rdy to order when I noticed that the shipping price to Europe was as much as the bar itself
    A bit sad right now :P

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    305pelusa Guest


    That kind of Pull-up bar is very good. I bought my Iron Gym at Sports Authority for 40 dollars. It ended up working for 2+ years (it's still perfectly functional).

    As was stated though, that one is pricey. Not to mention the shipping. Try looking for one closer to you, and less expensive. If it's a "door frame pull-up bar", it's usually good (at least take a look at reviews and stuff though!).

    Just make sure your door frame will actually work with it!

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    Try a PowerBar 2. I've had one for a couple of years now and they're great. They don't ship outside of the UK though which is a hassle. Check it out here
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    I have had a few different big box door mounted bars and the Easy Effort is far superior in build quality and design. It really doesn't damage or mark your trim and it is rock solid. I have a cellar now so don't have the door mount anymore, but I bought one of their ceiling mounted units and am equally happy with it.
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