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Thread: severe hip pain

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    Quote Originally Posted by Reinhardt View Post
    Scotsfan, how can test if my gt bursa is inflammed etc?
    I just bought low back disorders by McGill at, will study it thoroughly.
    Many of the things you've described are symptoms of the Bursa being inflamed. Do some research on the web and you'll see it affects some people in certain ways, others in other ways. But the fact your X-Rays and MRI come up negative yet the pain persists and its on the same side as other orthopedic problems indicates you've probably got an imbalance which is causing the IT band to rub & cause friction, hence the inflammation.

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    I´ll have to read some more about the IT band and burso inflammation tomorrow.

    What do you think about my "sofa reverse hyper"? It causes almost no discomfort or pain.

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