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    Default SPIEGEL back pain article

    today i´ve read an interesting article in the german magazine Der Spiegel about low back pain and related stuff.
    Back pain is widespread disease numero uno in germany and after a cold reason number two to see a doctor.

    The article states that almost everyone has noticeable disks in a MRI scan, but that says very little about the chances to suffer from back pain. Instead, the grade of frustration, stress and depression at work and in life in general tells very much. And so forth.

    Conclusion is, that the correlation between psychic stress and low back pain is immense, but still, the intervention at the spinal cord has raised by 46% from 2004 to 2009, the disk surgerys by 43% and the stiffening of lumbar vertebra by 220%(!!!) in the same time frame.

    Sorry for my weird english, but i just wanted to share this little horror story.

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    I wonder how much is actually caused by a combination of sitting and perceived stress along with growing obesity? Low back problems are a huge issue in the US, but, so is a growing problem with regards to people being overweight or obese and sitting for eight, 10 or 12 hours/day.

    McGill's book discusses the compromises created in the low back from being in a sitting position...add a weak core and fat gut and the low back region turns in to a degenerative mess.

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    These are only of the few common causes of low back pain. There are many other factors that may cause back pain. If you suffer from chronic back pain that lasts more than a week and limits your daily activities you should contact your Chiropractor. They are also trained to be able to assist patients with nutrition and exercise programs that will help improve their overall quality of health.

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