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    Quote Originally Posted by Ace View Post
    I second that Rite Of Passage done with low rest periods is the best thing I've met for my shoulders, arms and upper back.
    I'll third that! I've never, never, never had any delts to speak of, even in my bodybuilding days. ROP gave me some delts FINALLY!

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    Quote Originally Posted by SteveFreides View Post
    I see lots of references to other things - pick one program, follow one program's guidelines for as long as is recommended, please. If you're doing the ROP from ETK, then don't bench or do HSPU's or L-sits - overtraining is as sure a route to no progress as is no training at all. I recommend you pick _one_ program and stick with it. That one program could be Convict Conditioning, it could be a program built around the bench press, or anything else, but pick it and stick with it.

    Agree totally with your comments. Adding 5x2-3 presses at the end of a mainstay CC routine seems to fit in comfortably. I suppose some light "in-between" strength routines on off days could also be included, TGU's and L-holds for example. Have no intention of benching since I already do CC pushups. Besides I dislike the awkward barrel-chested look that comes from benching.

    I'd tried PM and ROP for several months (3+6 approx.) and I'll give it one more go. I have no complaints whatsoever about pressing strength not going up. Just wanted visible signs of progress in delts. That happened only very minimally, if at all. I figured it was time to try something new. Another thing is, isometrics gave a sensation of the delts directly being targeted in a way pressing hasn't. Of course, this could be a transient effect, let's see. Worst case, there are always the lateral raises!

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    I tried a little experiment on a guy with a similar problem: the Modified DeLorme scheme with the Viking Press (he had a similar device home a loved to play with it). Viking Press and Pull-ups, DeLorme style. He could not change a light-bulb after that

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