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    Default Evaluate My Snatch Technique

    Comrades, help me improve my snatch technique.

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    Pop,pull and punch.
    A lot going on.
    More snap in the hips (pop) will make this easier.
    The snatch is a ballistic movement.
    It looks like you need to pull the elbow back more in the high pull position.
    It's all a quick transition from the pull to the punch.
    Arm straight at the top as well as wrist and body nice and straight.
    Make sure your foundation movement the swing is perfect this will also make your snatch better.
    That should help you for now without confusing you to much.
    Keep up the good work.

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    Looks like you are throwing the bell too far forward on the descent. Need to keep the bell closer to the body (tame the arc) - the bell should drop down btwn the legs in an almost vertical fall. . Have you been doing high pulls as a preliminary? ..Dennis

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    Two biggest things I see (which are interrelated):
    1. Hip load and drive look weak.

    You don't look like you are really loading your hips on the back swing and you're not driving your hips forward explosively enough. Start your first rep with a strong hike pass, load the hips and go. Get your non-working hand off your knee and get rid of the half-hearted preliminary swings. You should drive the bell; don't let the bell drive you.

    2. Bell path -- too far out in front away from your body in both directions.

    On the upswing, drive with the hips and guide with the arm. Pull the elbow in earlier, keep the bell closer to your body and punch straight up into the lockout. Do you feel like the bell is pulling you backward at the lockout? That's because you are swinging the bell in big arc out in front so it is moving backward at the top instead of straight up. And you are too loose and off balance effectively stabilize the bell at the top.

    On the downswing, pull your elbow in earlier, get your upper arm connected to your torso, and keep the bell closer to your body. Getting your arm more connected with your body will allow you to load your hips better and have more pop out of the hole. Do you feel like the bell is pulling your forward on the downswing? Do you feel like the bell is yanking on your shoulder as it hits the bottom? That's because the bell is so far out in front ("casting" or "snatching over a barrel") and isn't strongly connected to your torso.

    The two issues above are interrelated because by not taming the arc, you are not on balance and your arm is disconnected from your body. This makes is hard to transfer the force of the bell on the downswing to your hips and force of your hip drive to the bell on the upswing.

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