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    Thumbs up Al kavadlo petition!!

    Like a lot of posters round here, I "discovered" Al Kavadlo's great site through Convict Conditioning 2. (If you haven't seen it yet, check it out! )

    I just LOVE Al's style, personality and training approach. Everything I loved about CC is in his website: the lack of use of "tools", huge strength, great pulling ability, and athleticism over appearance (although Al has a great physique, he's not your average stiff, overpumped bodybuilder).

    Given Al's recent AMAZING video on the one-arm push-up, I for one REALLY want to see Al appear on the rumored upcoming Convict Conditioning DVD. He belongs there.

    Who's with me? Who else wants to see Al as a star athlete in these videos? Speak up, and we can make it happen!!
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    The Kraut is offline Junior Member
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    Count me in, buddy
    41 years, 6'1", 208 lbs
    Pushups 5, Leg Raises 4, Pullups 3, Squats 4

    (Progression criteria: when meeting prog standard, train that for some more weeks till it feels easy)

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    lokate is offline Senior Member
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    Default Me to

    Count me in to. He is realy a cool and nice guy and very athletic.
    Like the things he does very much.

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    Easey Jack is offline Senior Member
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    Default Sign me up!!

    I think--given his obvious intelligence, his great abilities, his capacity to reach out and his lovable personality--Al is bound to be the "next big thing" in fitness training. I'm sure we'll be seeing this guy on TV before long.

    As for a CC dvd, I would have imagined (though it's just a guess) that it will be filmed with models/presenters who are RKCs. I know Al is pro-kettlebell, but I don't think he's an RKC?

    So I guess it's up to Paul Wade and John Du Cane. What do you say, John? Can we please keep him?!

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    Al_Kavadlo is offline Senior Member
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    Wow guys - this is such a nice thread! I'm very flattered! John Du Cane is gonna think I paid all you guys to say this stuff! haha

    Seriously though, It's amazing to connect with so many people who really seem to get what I am doing.

    As for the CC DVDs, I'm pretty sure the first one is too far along in production for me to be involved at this point. However, Paul has already told me he wants me in the CC2 DVD.

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    go1 is offline Senior Member
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    He's got my vote for any DVDs,books,etc

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    I followed Al's work years before CC came out. He's a great advocate for calisthenics; right up there with Jim Bathurst. I hope to see more of those two in the mainstream.
    CC Progress
    Pushups 9 Leg Raises 10+ Pullups 8 Squats 9
    Bridges 6 Handstand Pushups 4

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    Com. Stefan is offline Senior Member
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    Al and Danny should definitely be in there. And yes, Al paid me to say this... :P

    (no he didn't)

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