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    Quote Originally Posted by Jethro View Post
    I see, you've adapted the 531 program to work with a deload. Or there's another version. I don't have the program, but it's my understanding the traditional approach to 531 used distributed loading.
    That's not an adaptation, that's the written program in the book

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    Thursday: Bench 95 kg x5,5,5,4,4
    Friday: Squat 130 kg x5,3,3 + Dead 130 kg x5,5

    One option now would be to add 5kg every week, until i´m down to 1-2 reps per set, then lay a week off and start all over with lighter weights 5x5.

    Or i could stay at that poundage until i get 5x5 again and then add 5kg and so on. I tend to that idea, because i think it´s safer on my back.

    What do you think?

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    Default Powerlifting workout

    When I was 18, my max bench was 260 or so, squat was 400, and deadlift was 400. I met Don Reinhoudt through a friend. Don won the World's Strongest Man in 1978 or 1979, had some incredible powerlifting totals, and also trained some of the Pittsburgh Steelers' linemen. In 2 or 3 12 weeks cycles I was up to 300 bench, 500 squat, and 500 deadlift at 180 pounds (no drugs, Shaklee protein, which was Don's favorite at the time). I have attached the work-out he sent to me. The gist of this work-out is a 12 week cycle, starting light and adding weight each week. If your max bench today is 200, you may want to shoot for 220 in 12 weeks. Based on the cycle, start Monday with a bench press of 145X4, 155X4, and 165X2. Adding 5 pounds each week will get you to 220 for 2 in 12 weeks. The first 6-8 weeks will seem very easy, but work hard on the supplement exercises. For Squats, if your max squat today is 300, shoot for 340 in 12 weeks. So start with 210X3, 220X3, and 230X2. Adding 10 pounds per week will get you to 340 in 12 weeks. Don's Workout_Page_3.jpgFor the first number of weeks focus on great form, since these will be "light" workouts for you. Deadlifts, same thing, set a max in 12 weeksDon's Workout_Page_2.jpg and work backwards to figure out what to start with. I think this workout is time tested and has a lot of the principles advocated by Pavel.Don's Workout_Page_1.jpg

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    Quote Originally Posted by RJ79 View Post
    Jethro, you and I have been over this - you have no understanding of 5/3/1 and have never read it. Its obvious that since the time you called it HIT in disguise, you have gained no farther knowledge about it. You should stop commenting on a program you know nothing about.

    If not for the misinformation, maybe just to not look like you need to buy a vowel.'s nothing worth getting your feathers ruffled over.

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    Larry - Awesome first post.

    Jethro - My feathers aren't ruffled. You should just try not to talk about programs that you don't know about.

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