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    Default CC or ETK? .... or Both?

    Hi everyone! I've been browsing the board for awhile and have really enjoyed reading all of your posts. I have a question. I bought both the CC and ETK books. I have both 25 and 35lb KBs. I am a bust father, work a lot of overtime, and don't enjoy the gym. I work in law enforcement. Would you recommend that I follow CC religiously by itself, ETK religiously by itself, or do ETK and on the TGU days do my CC work? I am a little confused and I guess I just don't necessarily see how ETK by itself can work that great, but then again I have never used KBs in my life. Any advice that you can give me would be greatly appreciated!


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    The general concensus will be to do one or the other.

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    You can do both, but not with the RoP portion of ETK (only Break-in -Plan and Program Munimum) . The first few steps in CC of the initial 4 drills would serve well for warm ups. However, NAKED WARRIOR does go well with ETK because the High Tension Techniques in NW are also used in ETK - so imho NW would be a better choice - and in the FAQ in ETK Pavel explains how to combine them. But CC is fine - until you get into the more difficult steps - then I would do one or the other...Dennis

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    I'd agree with what Dennis said, and personally, based on the information you provide, would recommend ETK. Give it an honest try, you'll be surprised at just how great it can be.
    Jason Ginsberg, RKC2, LAc

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