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    Default point of diminishing returns in front squats

    i wonder what´s the point of diminishing returns in the barbell front squat.
    I´m closing in on the 1.5 bw bench press and the 2.5 bw deadlift, so i´d like to know what to shoot for in the FSq as well. Double bodyweight like in the back squat?

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    I found for me in the past that the front squat was 80-100lbs less than my back squat.
    So if you can back squat 400lbs a 315 FS would be a pretty good lift.
    A double bodyweight FS would be a fantastic lift IMO.
    As far as diminishing returns it's like any other lift you should rotate it with other types of squats
    on your workout cycles so you don't burn out.

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