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    Default Starting The Journey

    Hi all,

    Just wanted to introduce myself to everyone as I have been reading the forum for about 3 months and now have officially joined.

    Just a little background if you are interested: Used to way ~17st 4 years ago, lost a load of weight (down to skinny fat 12st) and now it has slowly crept back on over the years, now sitting at 13.5 and decided enough is enough.

    I have been playing around with a 16 kg bell (my first) for about 4 months, not really making progress toward my goals and backsliding to old, bad, habits (familiar story I am sure!)

    Now with the new year I have finally decided to check my ego at the door and going to properly start with ETK PM (to make me strong like bull!).

    I have also invested in the Mastering the Hardstyle Swing DVD to help my form (unfortunately no RKC within 150 miles of me so I have been struggling with good form a little).

    I have a general goal of becoming a man by my 32nd birthday (that gives me ~18 months to master the 16kg and then 24kg bells). If I get there sooner, Great! Watch this space.

    Generally joining the forum is part of my motivational effort so I hope to make general discussion and postings of my progress.

    Thanks All


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    Welcome the The Party!!!!!!! Patience is key!!!! Power to You!!!!!!!!!

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    Welcome aboard!..and welcome to the Party!

    I am sure you will find ETK a great way to get to your strength and conditioning goals. I began the program back in 2008 - and am still working the program and learning. No other program has stood the test of time as far as I am concerned. Before ETK I would start with going to a gym to lift weights etc..or a running schedule and only quit after a few months - on and off type training. ETK and kettlebells in general ARE addictive. I have never ever stuck with a program like this before. I have been consistant with my ETK program. - Things to do:

    Read the book several times over. And watch the dvd often.

    Arrange when you can to see an RKC.

    From ETK do the BREAK-IN-PLAN for a few weeks to grease the groove for the swing and get-up. Alot of people (I suspect) skip this step and wind up injured from doing too many swings, too soon with bad form.

    Do the PM for at least 1 month - or 6 months! While also PRACTICING the clean, snatch, and press. Take your time here.

    Do the RoP as the book instructs. You may cycle back to the PM if you please.

    Do NOT do this:

    Try to re-invent the program.

    Add to the program.

    Lift on your OFF days.

    Lift heavy or hard on your Variety Days.

    Train when injured!!!!! - but you can do light work (stretches etc..) as long as there is no pain.

    ###lastly check out the Mega Faqs at the top of the page for more questions...Dennis

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    Best of luck with it. If you want to feel great, you're taking the correct route.

    My first go on the PM, I was fitter than I had ever been for football, any back twinges disappeared and body felt connected.

    If you really want to hone your skills try the HKC if you get the chance. I learned so much invaluable information from that one day alone.
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    Welcome to the party!

    In 18 months the 24 kg will feel light comrade! At least if you stick to Rite of Passage (and as have been said already DON'T modify it). You said you've been toying with the kettlebell already? If that's the case you can probably jump right into it. If your cleans are not really good you might want to do Program Minimum for a few weeks and practice the other lifts.

    Good luck.

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    Thanks for the commments all, really appreciated.

    I have been toying around but was going too much too soon and not using good form. This led to frustration and lack of progress.

    Best to start from the beginning I think.

    I noticed a 4 week beginner routine from Kettlebell Fever that looks interesting. Maybe I will try that to start out...

    First goal is to slim down a bit and lose the flab for my sisters wedding in 9 weeks. Think I will do the beginner routine for 4 weeks then do the PM proper using the workouts from The Mastering the Hardstyle Swing DVD for swing days until then (wedding is in Thailand so need to be beach ready!)

    Then I can start RoP when I get back. Got into barefoot running last summer so am planning on doing that again fro variety days.

    But I do not want to get ahead of myself, just want to focus on getting started. Off to Japan with work for a week today so will do touch the wall drills and wall squats to get me in the groove for starting swinging when I get back.

    Thank again for the comments.
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    I highly recommend kettlebell fevers workout. The touch the wall drills really pattern that hinge movement pattern. Theres also lots of information about program minimum plus tons of other stuff over on the irononline forums. Good luck with your training.

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