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    Default RKC Prep, an article

    Hi there. I've just posted my own training for the RKC cert in Belfast back in October.
    I claim no credit for the programming. I simply used what was available and it all seemed to work out very well.
    Anyway, with a number of RKC certifications being held on U.K. shores this year and the as, yet sparse number of qualified RKCs' to learn from, this may be useful to those considering taking the challenge.
    "Strength does not come from physical capacity.
    It comes from an indomitable will"-Mohandas K. Gandhi.

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    Good stuff.

    The 4-week second part of this plan looks like it could be a great short-term plan for someone with decent KB experience, but who has no goals of becoming an RKC, who just wants to toughen up a bit (quite a bit) and maybe step their game up a level? Just a thought.

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