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    Default Naked warrior in overall training

    Hi, I have a question about strength training...
    I train fancing and climbing (6 to 4), I know that this disciplines are far from each other but I can't dispense with one of them. I just love to do this ... I'm not competitor but I treat trainig very sure.

    So, fancing is very fast and endurance sport I do some plyometric and explosive exercise (of course I don't forget about technique - 70%) plus running (intervals and sprints).
    Climbing is rather static strength, and most important are forearm muscles.

    I decide to act with naked worrior training because I nead more strength BUT WITHOUT MASS. I modify this training and add pullaps (one day pull-ups and secound pushup).
    I work at home so it is no problem to get up from chair and pump

    And now I need som advise. In Pevel's book I have information - do exercise as often as you can but you must be always fresh before and after series.

    Is it good idea to do this kind of training after interval run (few hour later) or if day before I did :
    - conditioning exercise
    - plyometric exercise
    - explosive power exercise
    - technical exercise ... here there is no problem I think
    Do I have to be completely fresh?

    I know that it depend of man but maybe you have some experience with this ...

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    Steve Freides is offline Senior Member
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    Comrade otrebuh76, welcome to the Party.

    It's impossible to train all attributes all the time - you'll be mediocre at best, and at worst you'll get injured. Consider cycling some of your favorite forms of training - perhaps 2-week blocks, perhaps a seasonal approach where, e.g., you train for strength more when you are climbing less.

    You need time-efficient training, given all you do - consider a program like Pavel's "Power To The People". If I had to pick one exercise to do to improve strength without adding mass, it would be a low-volume program of barbell deadlifts.

    Best of luck to you.

    Steve Freides
    RKC Team Leader

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    What is fancing? Or do you mean fencing?

    Martin Danielson HKC

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    Yes ... fencing, sorry form my english.

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