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    Default Bodyweight/gymnastics book with a review by Paul Wade

    I've heard great things about this from some handbalancers, will probably pick it up soon, and possibly post a review. Has a review already from Paul Wade, of convict conditioning fame.

    Note the customer reviews pretty much all say its superior to BTGB as well. Looks like a winner.

    See also my other thread with the video of the hand balancer doing a one arm pushup. These guys are strong!
    Jason Ginsberg, RKC2, LAc

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    I have nearly finished reading this book myself. The author's website is and he has an article which covers some of the same content, for those who are interested (off the top of my head, I think it's Fundamentals of Bodyweight Training or something similar). If I had to give just one positive and one negative point for the book (because I'm too lazy for a detailed review right now), they would be:

    Pro: I like the progressions. It covers a whole heap of skills, including lots of stuff on rings, right up to C level gymnastics skills. The progressions are perhaps not quite as novel and comprehensive in the elementary level that CC covers (I haven't actually read CC, so I'm judging on what I've heard from others), but I think most people are going to manage these just fine. And I love the vast coverage of skills. I can't actually see myself doing most of the gymnastic ring skills - but it's still awesome that they're there for those who are interested.
    Con: It is in desperate need of an editor. In some areas it reads like it hasn't even been checked once by the author after having written it.

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