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    Alright. Here we go.

    When I first started gaining weight, I began running almost everyday. Of course that didn't work so I tried a bodybuilding style routine(high reps before I knew any better). I was going 5-6 days a week doing splits and cardio every day with a 6th optional cardio day.
    Eventually, after more research, I started Starting Strength which I did for about a half a year. Created the speadsheet, had a journal, added cardio, the whole thing. Man, I was really pumped to start that program. What a disappointment.
    Then I bought a kettlebell and started doing circuits with it because I wasn't too sure what I was doing until I bought ETK. After 4 months of that I decided to try Kettlebell burn 2.0. It seemed like exactly what I was looking for. I completed the whole program and felt like I was at the very beginning of this whole mess. Now I'm trying to get stronger again because I have no idea where to go from here.

    As far as diet goes. I've tried a lot of things. Right now I'm still doing the no sugar thing. Low carbs, high protein, moderate fat. I seem to feel better when I get a bit more fat in my diet (fish oil or coconut oil). I tried the low fat thing and I felt like shit. My workouts suffered.
    Here is an example day:

    breakfast: Two scrambled eggs, one piece Ezekiel bread with almond butter and a banana

    Snack: smoothie consisting of a cup of fruit, tablespoon of coconut oil, sugar free almond milk and a scoop of protein. Lately it has been Sun Warrior protein. Sometimes flaxseeds.

    Lunch: Lentils, spices, any vegetables (I prefer coniferous vegetables for the effect on estrogen) coconut oil for cooking (best high heat oil). This is quite bland but I like it.

    I try to fit something with a bit of protein in here. Like a protein shake in water or almond milk. or a 4oz piece of wild salmon (I only eat wild fish).

    For dinner, I usually have something with a lot of vegetables like a big salad with chicken. I make my own dressing with olive oil (2tbs), various spices and only use coconut oil for cooking the chicken.
    I drink water about 90% of the time. Sometimes black coffee or plain green tea. Never Juice, never pop. Once in a great while if I'm feeling pretty crazy I might put a tea spoon of raw honey in my tea. I probably have about 2 beers a month. I've never done a single drug in my whole life. My blood sugar is also excellent.

    It's just bizarre that I went from being 20 years old with a very fast metabolism(with diet alone, I could get as thin as I wanted) to turning 21 and having my metabolism reach a screeching halt. It literally change over the course of a couple months. The only thing that I could think of was that I was eating a lot of soy at the time. Could my hormones be screwed up from that?

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    Skip all cardio. Eat less calories. Lift heavyn compound lifts 3
    times / week. Also up the protein. Thats no high protein
    eating you're doing.

    Soy havent messed you up.

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    Your diet is pretty low protein brah. Eat more protein. Eliminate grains if you are looking to lose weight, you have to decide what your goals are.

    Eating less often helped me with leanness (either two meals or just one meal).

    Take more recovery days (3-4/week).

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    You could have your thyroid levels checked which may or may not tell you something. I am on synthetic thyroid hormone because I have no thyroid function. This was not an I'm a little underactive scenario this was a you are going to die without it. I know there will be someone here that will tell me I should try the pig thyroid or iodine or kelp or some other "natural" way. lol If you legitimately have a problem you will have zero energy and store fat.

    My case as a 14 yr old was extremely rare. They actually wanted to shoot me up with Lupron which they happen to give women to induce menopause to have me grow a couple more inches. I'm 5'7" so i was totally cool with my height. No need to experiment on this guy.

    As far as diet goes I'm not going to add that up. How many calories a day? How tall are you? How heavy are you? You actually may not be eating enough.

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    The pig thyroid does work fine for many, it contains full measure of T4 just like the synthetic but it also has T3 which helps some and makes others feel like crap and overstimulated. I am in same boat as RJ79, approximately zero thyroid function. And I was a hazard to others until I got medicated, falling asleep driving etc. For sure though, iodine won't help unless your thyroid is low ony because you are deficient in iodine.

    But thyroid alone, well, it is complicated. Thyroid interacts w/ adrenals and sex hormones (testosterone, estrogen...) so really you need to get the full endocrine work up to see what is going on if that is the issue

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    Your doc has said that your hormone levels are normal, so lets close the door on that excuse. Even if your t levels are at the low end of the normal range, it would not hinder strength gains - just check out the strength levels of the iron maidens here. Pick a program, and stick to it. PTP, ROP, easy strength, they all work.

    Fat loss - forget about exercise, its all diet buddy. Pick a diet, and stick to it. Atkins, Paleo, Zone, even Weight Watchers, again, they all work - compliance is the key, so pick one that you can stay on a while.

    I got great results doing this is:

    But just choose a diet you can stick with.

    Good luck with your training - keep us informed, maybe keep a log?

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    I had some very discouraging results like you lately. About 18 months ago I got a Bod Pod bodyfat test came in at about 28% BF. Then a few days ago I got a Dexa scan and came in at 29% even though I lost 12 lbs on the scale. The problem was that I lost more muscle than fat so overall my BF percentage went up.

    Most of this time I had been doing too much cardio (biking to work 4 to 6 hours per week) and just the Convict Conditioning moves once per week which I don't think were cutting it for me. I think you can gain muscle and lose fat at the same time but it is awfully hard. If you just want to lose fat while maintaing the muscle you have, my experimentation over the years leads me to believe that fasting, nutrient timing (carbs only after workouts and the rest of the time fat and protein), very low intensity cardio (think yard work and walking), plus a few bouts of intense heavy lifting a week is what you need. I do think that with 22% BF, you should have no problem having a caloric deficit of 1000 calories or so a day. Some place I found online had an equation for how much of a calorie deficit you can have when you have a certain percent BF, the idea being that the lower BF you have, the smaller your calorie deficit has to be or else your body will start to eat muscle.

    The guy who gave me the Dexa scan was a Phd in Exercise Science and he recommended I see an endocrinologist and get a full battery of tests. This might the type of Dr you would want to see, especially one that specializes in athletics and/or male issues and the like if you can find one.

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    There are some very good insights posted already. I doubt I will add more value, but I do see three trends:

    You are doing a lot. A whole lot. From running six days a week to body building 5-6 days per week with cardio "thrown in" to .... you get the idea. From what I read I sense classic over-training. Back way off and allow proper recovery time if you want strength. Some folks here are making super strength gains working CC two days per week. If you are always on you will not gain.

    It seems you are consuming lot of calories. You don't mention the actual amounts. Have you weighed / measured your portions and calculated your actual caloric intake?

    You seem to be bouncing around form program to program. Six months here ... four months there. Read PTP, there is a good section on keeping with a program long enough to have results (of course you mix up the volume/intensity over time but keep the same program).

    Hope this helps.
    Be well ... Lee.

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