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    Quote Originally Posted by lanier1974 View Post
    Must have missed the memo on that one. "5/3/2 with the same weight "
    I am assuming means 5reps,then 3 reps, then 2 reps, all with 100%, dropping the old 5 reps with 90%?
    Yup. Less math. Less fuss.

    The thread can be viewed here..
    Pavel, if you were to rewrite PTTP, would you do anything differently?
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    Lanier, I have an observation. I may be off base, but this caught my attention. Your account name was idle from Dec 2006 until Feb 2012. Either your account has been inherited by a new person, or you've been at this for some time now. Then in the last 4 wks, you've posted some 30 times on topics from ROP press ladders to dead lifting on PTTP scheduling vs Delorme scheduling to adding pullups to programs. Some of those posts have been 4 or 5 in an hour.

    Have you considered retaining a coach? It sounds like you need a consultation and a program for the next 90-180 days. I am a compulsive, pathological fiddler, so I have a program from a coach. I add precious little, ever, and it usually just makes me tired. Your last 4 wks reads like everything I've thought about doing for the last 3 years. Does any of this ring relevant with you, or am I off base? Be frank with me if I am.
    [B][URL=""]John Beamon[/URL][/B]
    [SIZE=2] My thread "Guest User? Really" prompted some 6 pages of discussion on why Pavel's user account had been changed to "Guest User" status. John Du Cane answered in a forthright manner, and I thanked him for his professionalism in this very forum.

    That entire thread was removed from the forum on or around August 26. I've been an HKC and an active, outspoken member in good standing for some 3yrs now, but I don't support this sort of censorship. Look for me on the public web.


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    I actually joined dragondoor forums in 2003 when I first bought PTTP. I used that program and other Pavel approaches in my workouts from then on; party converted. I was offline for a couple years, just doing bodyweight training and biking, then in 2006 when I tried to log on, my ID history had disappeared. Still not sure what happened.

    I got started with kettlebells in Denver in 2006 by taking classes from an RKC friend. I was hooked for a year, until I was a bike messenger during grad school; I found I could not ride 8 hours a day AND touch a single weight. In 2008 I moved to costa rica, Korea, then Japan, where I've been for two years now (Tokyo); haven't had access to bells or weights till
    I found a source here in Tokyo last summer. I just did swings and presses to condition myself again, and started seriously "party" training again this Jan.

    So I've been really involved in getting myself back on track with the forum. Can't afford or find a coach here. And my RKC buddy really worked with and approved my form before, so I'm not entirely in the dark.

    Thanks for the observation. No offense taken. Btw, my whole family lives in Greensboro and Charlotte. Small world.

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