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    Default Rear Deltoids - Hit enough through ETK training - overhead press and pull-ups?

    A lot of my training is focused around ETK ROP - so most of my upper-body work is just overhead presses and pull-ups (on rings for me).

    Is that enough to work the rear deltoids and thus keep the shoulders balanced?

    Thanks in advance.

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    I think overhand pullups on a bar would be the best pullups for working the upper back retractors, though if you keep your shoulders packed tightly (as you should be doing) it should still work that motion somewhat. Same for the presses, if they're done properly.

    TGUs and snatches should also work that motion pretty good as well. TGUs use it for stabilization, so they provide a lot of time under tension.

    Or so it seems to me. But to tell if it is "enough," I think you would have to look at your posture and see if your shoulders are slumping forward. If they are, then you need to strengthen the retractors, otherwise, whatever you're doing is probably enough.
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    When I went to my local RKC to check my form he noticed my slumped shoulders. Brad said do Bent Over Rows with my pressing 'bell. 2 Rows for every Clean & Press. I do them after the press rep.

    1 C&P, 2 Rows then rest for example.

    Worked well. Fixed my posture in 6 weeks, I backed off to matching C&P reps.
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    If you want to direct more focus on your rear delts face pulls with a mini band for reps works well.
    Also inverted rows with your rings pulling more to the upper chest/neck area will also direct more work load to the area.Remember though we can never really isolate areas as they work synergistically with other muscles but only direct more stimulus to a certain area.

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