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    Question Becoming Goliath

    I'm a 19 year old Rugby player, for those who have played I'm an openside flanker. I'm not quite 6'1" and around 175 lbs. I am sitting a full 30 lbs lighter than the next lightest forward on our team. I NEED TO GROW AT ALL COSTS when I get back to school! I got the nutrition part down pat: tons of whey protein post workout , plenty of carbs, lots of vegetables and fruit, creatine, some extra BCAAs for good measure, entire herds of large animals etc... I was thinking about getting the ball rolling with a 6 week DeLorme Hypertrophy cycle (Beyond Bodybuilding) with some easy pull ups, squats and swings on my off days. After that I was thinking about the Russian Bodybuilding Underground routine three days a week with a tweak or two. Anybody else have any ideas? Things that have really packed on the meat, especially hard gainers. I will do anything legal to gain.

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    I think if your plan is to do DeLorme then make sure you are not in season or training hard for it.
    Have you looked at Dan Johns Mass Made Simple?

    Here is a lite version.
    Aaron Pierson RKC / FMS

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    If you are focused on nothing else but growing, high-rep squatting 2-3 times a week and heavy eating might be your answer. I put on about 20 pounds in 2 months this way and probably could have added more if I was drinking more milk.

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    I decided to focus on muscle hypertrophy about 2 years ago...

    I have experimented with many muscle building programs and this is what I've got:

    1). The Modified DeLorme (DONE TO THE LETTER!) is the no.1 muscle building protocol you can have - but you have to restrain yourself from "improving" it!

    2). German Volume Training (the entire progression, from 10X10 to the Advanced sistem!) is extremely powerful at making you BIG and STRONG at the same time (the Advanced version gave me incredible strength - 160kgX3repsX10sets at inclined BP, and still having some strength reserve to kick hard at the Flat DB (I did KB because i'm more comfortable with them than with floppy adjustable DB which threatens to let the plates fall on my face) press.

    3). Chad Waterbury has some good hypertrophy programs, too. You can choose the muscle building ones from his list and do them one after the other, with 9-16days lay offs in between (just one idea):

    - Anti-Bodybuilding Hypertrophy I and II;

    - SOB (Son Of A Bitch) Training (extremely useful for bulking, about 90% of the Modified DeLorme efficiency in my opinion;

    - Hybrid Hypertrophy;

    - Waterbury Method;

    - Total Body Training;

    - Primed For Muscle;

    - Big Boys Basics;

    - Singles Club (I loved it!);

    - Lift Fast Get Big;

    4). The Bear, presented in "Power to The People", is the most basic approach to build muscle you can have. You will grow much especially in the upper body. What happens with your legs depends a lot on your body type. Do the Benches first - just my opinion.

    Eat during the night. Go to sleep (and sleep!) very early (this will force you to wake up during the night), and get a good protein shake and some fish oil when you wake up, then sleep again for 4-6 hours (or as much as you can).

    Whey protein is good all the time, not only post workout - before going to bed during the night with some fish oil caps, at the waking up, etc... And get some enzymes and vitamins - you have to force the proteins and the nutrients into your system.

    That would make you GROW big time, I think.

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    You need to take in more calories than you are using up during the day.
    Those high volume workouts won't help you gain weight and make your recovery even harder if your also doing rugby.I know rugby players run a lot thats using energy also.
    Pick three or four bang for your buck exercises and work them hard with moderate to heavy weights and lower reps.
    A of some type press,a pull,a squat and a heavier KB swing would fit the bill.Remember more is not always better.Check out Pavel and Dans book easy strength for some great ideas.

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